Exploring Beautiful beaches and Isles in Andaman.

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Andaman is really a cool destination  for a happily married couple. It is  wonderful to explore. Andaman Islands are a group of Indian Ocean archipelago islands in the Bay of Bengal between the Ind…

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Inspired from “Buri Aair Xadhu” (popularly known as Grandma’s tales), ‘Kothanodi’ (River of Fables in Assamese) by Bhaskar Hazaika, a renowned Indian Writer/Director,  portrayed crude yet heart touching folk tales  from traditional Assam. This movie bagged a prestigious award and has been greatly admired and was quite successful across film festivals worldwide.

Basically, most of the characters are based on women protagonists. Some of the most eminent actors from Assamese Film Industry such as Adil Hussain, Seema Biswas, Zarefa Wahid , Kapil Bora and Asha Bordoloi have acted in this and they have done a great job in painting almost a perfect sketch based on the fables. The director in order to showcase these in semi-modern/country scenarios did immense hard work too.

The movie depicts four dark and great tales inspired from the story book. Starting with a heart shrieking story of infanticide, followed by a strange story on a Women and her fruit-kid. Then there is story of Human-Animal martial knot based on imaginations of an elder. The last and most popular story among the four is the story of struggle of a young lady. The stories show superstitions and it’s harmful effects of lives and how it make someone take extreme steps without any consideration.

Hazarika, offers a clear treatment of these characters, making the tales almost rejoice-able yet spine chilling. Kothanodi won the Asian Cinema Fund’s  Post Production  Fund Award 2015 and was first screened st the 20th Busan International Film Festival. In April 2016, the film won the best feature film in Assamese award in the 63rd National Film Awards.


My Little Dairy

Rose is regarded as the queen of flowers. A flower sometimes is known as bloom or blossom,it is the reproducive structure found particularly in flowering plants according to Hindu mythology, flowers have a significant status Vishnu  one of the three major Gods in the hindu syestem is often depicted standing straight on a lotus flower.Apart from the association wih God Vishnu, the Hindu tradition also considers the lotus to have spiritual significance.

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Pink – A story on women’s plight!

After Piku, Soojit Sircar’s Pink left no milestone un-turned by weaving a common, yet beautiful story connected with three girls and their struggle for justice.

Pink is a contemporary although dark movie and it is well appreciated by the audience.The film is about female protagonists with Tapsee in the pivotal role.She acted quite well in her second Hindi venture, the critically acclaimed movie ‘Baby’ with Akshay Kumar where she transformed her image from a lovely bubbly girl to a bold and mature one.

In a duration of few days after opening Friday, it set a good record  in the box office. All three characters were beautifully portrayed by the three girls. Amitabh Bachchan plays the role of a lawyer and he does that perfectly. He is an apt actor and with this film he proves again why he is loved so much.

I think without a proper Antagonist, the audience’s attachment to the Protagonist decreases, and as you will see these roles were played very well too. Now coming to Sircar, who is an eminent director did a great job in visualizing and bringing up to screen a well written story with a strong message on Women equality.

And lastly, I’m not here to rate or to reveal the story(sorry No Spoilers!). So, viewers what are you waiting for ? Go and enjoy the movie with your friends and relatives.


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Talking to someone ,  debating about a discussion speaking in public .Reading a book or a newspaper , magazine, watching a television program – all of these are different kinds  of communication that we engage in our day to day life.

Forms of Communication

There are many forms of communication like non- verbal, Formal- Informal, Direct- Indirect and so on. But the most important form of communication are classified by the number of people involved in it.

1 . Intra – Personal communication.(Me to me)

2.Trans – Personal communication ( Me to God)

3. Inter- personal communication ( Me to You)

4. Group – Communication( Me to Group)

5. Societal Communication (Me to Unknown )

6.Mass- Communication (Me too many people as a whole)

Communication is very necessary in our day to day life without a conversation to some one is not possible without communicating. The way how a person presents themselves is the important part in each and every one’s life. A person must be presentable in his own way of talking, if a person speaks and the other person listens and cannot speak nicely or communicate nicely  than it is difficult too for the person who is presenting the thoughts , views or discussing a certain topic. In the sense, both the person should remain in a comfortable situation. These situations varies according to time.”First impression is the last impression”. But it is not correct it may be right to some extent but not to overall as a whole.If a person cannot understand any one’s language it’s not his fault . Slow and steady person can also speed up their knowledge through reading books and articles presented by another person.Life may be sorrowful if a person willingly ends to speak up.

Durga Puja Holidays



Puja holidays are a much awaited fun-fair, especially Dussehra as such. During this festive time people  pay homage to The Great Hindu Goddess Durga, the destroyer of Evil.  Even in today’s World the Durga Puja holidays hold a very special meaning to a lot of us, no one would want to stay put at home, rather go out and celebrate it with their family and friends.

An upcoming trend is that during Puja Holidays (as most states have an elongated holiday period), families like to spend the much needed ‘Together-time’ holiday-ing. Youngsters also tend to go out on group trips merry making and enjoying the their lives and re-bonding the friendship.

Some of places that can make such perfect options for relaxed trips are:

  • Goa
  • Ladakh
  • Andaman
  • Shimla

(to name a few…)

These places have a nice, calm and serene atmosphere to let us unwind ourselves, refresh our minds and take-a-break from our noisy workaholic schedule-driven lifestyles.